When tonic is too much and soda just isn’t enough, you need Navy Hill. The soda/tonic blend is crafted to complement your favorite liquor and offer a fresh alternative to everything else out there. We’ve infused our favorite flavors from nature and topped them off with electrolytes for good measure. Light. Crisp. Utterly refreshing.

Get Hydrated

Our American-made premium mixers offer something unheard of in the cocktail industry: electrolytes. These natural potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium ions replace essential elements depleted when drinking alcohol, leaving you feeling more hydrated and refreshed.

All Natural

No artificial sweetners

born in richmond, va

added electrolytes

packs more punch than club soda

made in america

no high fructose corn syrup

56% less sugar & 61% less calories than standard tonic water*

Exceptional flavors

*Calorie count has been reduced from 90 to 35 calories per bottle. Sugar content has been reduced from 23g to 10g per bottle.

Only the Best Ingredients

When it comes to our quality ingredients, Navy Hill chooses only top of the line, hand-selected natural flavors such as lemongrass, juniper berries, grapefruit, ginger and cardamon spice. Our blends rely on triple purified water and a crisp, natural quinine tonic to create the cleanest taste imaginable.

Behind the Brand

Navy Hill was born, predictably, at a bar. Out on the town, three friends found themselves in desperate need of a cocktail-delicious enough to save the day without the inevitable high calorie shame spiral. It had to be refreshing, easy to drink and the perfect complement to the balmy Virginia evening. Equal parts sweet and crisp. Equal parts indulgent and light. Equal parts club soda and tonic.